Tomorrow I leave for Florida for Full Sail.

I'm going there a little early to look at a few apartments so I can settle in nicely. I still am nervous about if this is right for me, but after re-reading all my previous journal entries, I come off as really depressing, so I won't write about that again.

(but I'm going to write a little bit of it. I realized that is a pretty major part of the entry, and without it, this would be extremely boring)

What makes me nervous is that I like doing lots of things, so settling on one thing is crazy to me. I love learning new things that can further my knowledge or skill set. Plus, being a writer from what I hear isn't the easiest job hunting around.

I would love to work at a video game company, or something involving video games. I love talking, I love stating my opinion. So maybe a video game magazine or something like that would work as well. I guess I'm thinking way too far ahead of myself. Problem is that I am adaptable to almost any situation (not really a problem.) I can live with any type of living/job that I'm given, I've stated that I settle, and I've stated I have little ambition, so I won't go into that again.

What I can say with certainty is that no matter what choice or job that I do get. I will do my damndest for it. I'm not the one to half-ass my way through shit. I give it my all, if there is one thing I will ever take from the military, is that the team is only as strong as the weakest member. I'll be damned if my team is weak because of me or choices I make.