So, right now I am sitting in a hotel room a little ways out of Beaumont, Texas unable to sleep because the time zones are messing with my mind.

As you may know, I'm driving to Florida to attend Full Sail University. I'm taking up Creative Writing for Entertainment with a side in Computer Animation. I'm definitely excited, as I will get there tomorrow, but my alarm is literally about to go off in two and a half hours and I haven't gotten any sleep. I could have just kept driving, and I'm kind of kicking myself for not doing so.

I didn't go up to Austin for three good reasons.

1: I don't like showing up somewhere unannounced and unwelcomed.
2: I didn't want Kara to tell me to "fuck off" and then have me take the walk of shame.
3: It was well after 4:00 pm when I even got to the turn off for Austin from the i10.

So, I drove on into the oncoming dusk and made it to Beaumont, which is pretty much the most eastern part of Texas. I don't see too much ahead of me in the way of major towns. I know that I will be driving through/near New Orleans, and very, very briefly through Mississippi and Alabama before reaching Florida and then it's only a few more hours until Orlando/Winter Park.

So, hopefully I can fall asleep for a few hours before driving off into the rising sun.

- Hazerblade

P.S. Also, if anyone lives around the Winter Park/Orlando area, we should hang out sometime. I'm going to be there for a few years.