I made it to Orlando last night, and was WAY too tired to post something stating this awesome feat. Also, I knew I had something on my mind that was driving me crazy (pun intended.)

So, today I went to Full Sail to finish some documents needed for admission. So I'm 100% done there. I then went looking for an apartment and found the BEST freakin' place that is right in my price range. So, I signed a lease and I move in on Monday. YAY! I'm living in an extended stay for the weekend, and I have to tell you a story about when I first got a room there.

So, after getting all checked in, I head to my room. There was some pretty shifty people at doors of rooms next to me, so I was a little nervous, but that was nothing compared to what was about to transpire. I pushed those people out of my mind as I put the key in the slot and opened the door.

The first thing that hit me was the smell. A horrid damp cigerette and moldy smell. It was disgusting. It was like breathing in an ashtray from a humid, muggy car. The next was the sight. Dirty clothes strewn here and there, bed was completely in shambles, and towels with pictures of Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse were draped over chairs with disturbing and very conspicuous brown stains on them.

I immediately closed the door.

5 seconds of looking in there was too much, I don't even want to know what other details I would have attained if I had stayed in longer. I returned to the front desk and requested a new room. They apologized, and set me up with a clean and friendly room. However, I will be haunted by that horrid room for the rest of my life.

Warning: The next segment about to be discussed is going to be about driving and what really fucking pisses me off about other drivers. If you don't like naughty words or reading berating things about people. Leave.

So, driving to Florida from Arizona is quite a long distance. During that time, I had to put up with a lot of shitty drivers, and I am going to list all the fucking ways you can piss me straight the fuck off.

1. Turn Signals (Especially on the highway) Turn signals are pretty much one of the basic driving mechanics. How the fuck do you forget to use it? You don't. You choose not to. It's to convenience other drivers of what you are doing and that "Hey, I want to merge/turn." Innocent me driving down the road doesn't know that Merging-McDouchbag wants to get in my lane, so it makes me fucking slam on my brakes in order to let your stupid ass in. Fuck you.

2. Drafting (otherwise known as Riding My Fucking Ass For-fucking-EVER!) Seriously, fuck you, dude. I hate it when people do this! It always happens when I can't move to the right. So I'm sitting in the left lane and this fucknut behind me decides to just slide his bumper right into my asshole. What pisses me off even more is when they do it in a 3 lane highway and I'm in the center lane. YOU HAVE TWO OTHER LANES, JUST FUCKING PASS ME! If I'm in the left lane and you're going faster than me, I will move over. Speaking of which...

3. Going the Speed Limit in the Left Lane (Known as the fast lane) This is for two lane highways. Did you not go to a basic driver's course? Did you not know that left lane use is mostly faster vehicles, and that it is common courtesy to move over and be passed if you are the slower one in the left lane. On average, I go 5-6 miles over the speed limit, so meeting you is a punch in the face to me. Either speed the fuck up, or move the fuck over. It's that simple. You're the other main reason traffic can slow for no fucking good reason. Having to move to the right to pass the stupid fuck on left forces me to look to my left and just glare at the dumb asshole or bitch (equality, male and females get their own offensive name) to know the face of fucking dumbass.

4. Not going the speed limit at all. Fuck you. There is no reason why you should be going 5 miles under on a motorway or highway. You're the douchefuck that pisses me off most (even more so when you're in the left lane!) You're the asshole or bitch that starts unneccessary traffic. "Oh, look at that car accident on the other side of the highway" or "I'm fucking ancient and I shouldn't be driving anyways, but I need to buy pills or some shit" You are a fucking nuisance. A stain on society that needs to be Oxyclean'd out.

5. Parking. Weither it's over the line, crooked, or taking two spaces. I hate everything about you. Your life, your job, your family, your pets, your music selection, You are the fucking devil. You're worse than small cars in parking spaces that you can't see, and on par with shopping carts left in empty spaces. Is it so fucking hard to straighten your damn car out? Seriously, you should contemplate suicide, because I don't want to go to jail for murdering your fucking ass.

There is probably way more ways to piss me off on the road, but those was will definetly do the goddamn trick.

Also, if you're a friend, do not admit that you do any of these, I will think of you less as a person for it. Just keep it to yourself. Even if it was "Just and accident." Some accidents aren't forgivable.

Anyway, Florida is nice, I start registration for Full Sail on Monday. I'm gonna go to a beach. Later!

- Hazerblade