I hope you've seen the trailer and liked the new song "The More," featuring Lamar and Sandy and this time also featuring Brandon Erdos of Trocadero on drums! We've very much missed sharing new music with you all and we are SOOOO FUCKING EXCITED to be back at it!!

Here's the thing to know--"The More" is available at Amazon, Google Music and iTunes, but--right at the moment--only a clean version of it is on iTunes. Don't ask me why, I really don't know...but I'm sure the F-bomb version will be there soon. Google, Amazon already have the explicit version.

the more you knock me down-the more i get back up

the more you shut me up-the more i'm gonna shout

the more you take from me-the more i'm gettin back

the more you try to break me you're gonna see

you won't break me