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3 years ago


It's coming...
The horror....THE HORROR...

(Photo from Griffon's profile)

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  • Patrick

    Patrick Nerf Herder

    3 years ago

    Geeeeezzz!!! Burnie looks like a giant next to Elijah Wood!!

  • matthewg14


    3 years ago

    Sorry to be the noob here but do sponsers get Red vs Blue early ? smiley7.gifsmiley0.gif
    Awesome picture by the way smiley11.gif

  • CableGuy468


    3 years ago

    Let's Play Left 4 Dead with Elijah Wood
    Make it happen Burnie

  • Victolic


    3 years ago

    My Body is Ready; The server's should be too. That picture is also amazing. Anyone know rough time of its release for normal people? 8pm Central?

    Post edited 5/27/12 11:38PM

  • janevalenz


    3 years ago

    The only thing more appropriate would have been if the picture was of Gus and Adam. Welcome to server overload day. Can haz bandwidth?

  • Aeshir_


    3 years ago

    sup frohdz

  • Fungster


    3 years ago

    is that who I think it is?????

  • Linh

    Linh Invisble

    3 years ago

    Didn't there used to be a count down clock. What with Australia being in the future how am I supposed to know when it's on?!

    I'm going cray cray!!!

    Post edited 5/27/12 9:34PM

  • SpoonyJuno


    3 years ago

    I agree. Which is why, on days like tomorrow, I am happy to be a sponsor.

  • Sibwarra208

    Sibwarra208 DovahTubs

    3 years ago

    Burnie's face is saying "Crap! we need to get out of here! Here they come again!"
    Elijah's, on the other hand..."Wait, WHAT'S gonna happen?!"

    Pretty awesome in all.
    I'm just hoping that he comes back for another season of Wilfred.