3 years ago

So, I had an ulterior motive last week when I asked for ideas for a podcast drinking game. Despite the fact that our podcast is no longer called the Drunk Tank, we managed to get a liquor sponsor this week. A local Austin tequila distiller named Republic Tequila sent us a case of tequila and we incorporated your drinking game ideas and played a drinking game while we recorded the podcast. At 10am. On empty stomachs. It was a ton of fun and I hope our next sponsored podcast is from the backseat of a Maybach.

In related news this week's Animated Adventure is Burnie telling his favorite stories about sitting next to Chris over at the new Rooster Teeth annex. Find out what Chris' favorite nut is (spoiler alert: despite what he says, it isn't the walnut).

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  • armycadets


    3 years ago

    You appear to have accidentally the whole Maybach link O.o Little tipsy gus?

  • CRedURDead


    3 years ago

    Shenanigans...very enjoyable, keep up the good work. Maybe someone should buy a PBT(preliminary breath test) device and you can award someone at the end of the podcast with the highest alcohol concentration...

    Just so you are aware, you must wait 10-15 minutes for all mouth alcohol to evaporate before providing a breath sample, or it won't accurately measure the amount of alcohol in your system. The PBT also only measures the amount of alcohol in your system AT THAT TIME(not 100% accurate, but darn close), not the alcohol in your stomach, still waiting to be absorbed...which means your alcohol concentration could continue to go up as the day goes on, depending on the amount of alcohol consumed...message me with any further questions...

    After reading this on wikipedia, I can say, most of it is misleading or even wrong...I searched for PBT, and it directed me to breathalyzer


    the photo displayed on wikipedia is a PBT, not a breathalyzer, a PBT is the handheld device used out on the road, a breathalyzer is a large device, typically used in a jail or at a police station which has a higher standard of quality control and therefore holds up in court, a PBT is only admissable in court if a breathalyzer is refused, or a blood and urine sample are both refused(Minnesota law)

  • prokiller300


    3 years ago

    i love how Chris says walnuts are his favorite nuts and they're actually almonds

  • Provennoble


    3 years ago

    Here's another rule you guys should have for when ever you have your next drinking game. You have to take a drink for when ever someone peeks there head in the door but dosent come in and then leaves.

  • johnswale


    3 years ago

    love the podcasts plus love alcohol so double winner

  • MarcusJayBur
  • Columbuspope


    3 years ago

    Gus I am trying to watch Lets Play minecraft part3 and it won't load.

  • BeachPilgrim


    3 years ago

    Still no videogame sponsor, eh? Goddammit, I want another video podcast!

  • logantodd


    3 years ago

    today on the podcast i learned about fleshlights and f***able ponys

  • nugget117


    3 years ago

    Congratys bro