What's Your Zombie Plan?

3 years ago

My favorite part of wearing my Ask Me About My Zombie Plan shirt is that people actually do ask me about it all the time. Which means I get to have a lot of fun conversations. But with the recent face eating in Florida, a solid zombie plan has become that much more important.

My girlfriend actually wrote an article detailing what equipment you would need and where to find it if there's a zombie apocalypse. It really opened my eyes as to how unprepared I am. I should really buy a machete, I guess. Prepare yourself!

So yeah, after you've checked out the suggested equipment, let me know: What's your zombie plan?

Comments (105)

  • MrFuzz


    2 years ago

    My rifle, my .38 special, a machete, ammo, my SUV, the mountains. Nuff said

  • gregrm3


    3 years ago

    I'd take my Winchester, get an axe and get a group of 4 of my friends together and try to make our way North from our city. If it's too difficult to get out, we'll clear out the local Wal-Mart and set up a defense around it and sustain ourselves with the food and potential weapons found within. Lastly, while we're in the Wal-Mart there's an autoshop. One of my friends is a welder, he can turn our Ford F 150 into the closest thing a regular person can have to an APC and then travel around scavenging However, this is Canada, unfortunately there are no guns in our Wal-Mart... although there is ammunition! :)

  • Mollyever


    3 years ago

    Run faster than the person behind me...XD

  • McChang117


    3 years ago

    My plan is to get a sword or very large knife and slash the living fuck out of every zombie I see. I've already got food and water covered.

  • PsychoNite


    3 years ago

    well... ill go to a local police station and hide out in there. if the zombies manage to break in ill lock myself in a holding cell with a months worth of supplies, a police radio and a pistol with some ammo. even if i starve to death, i refuse to turn into one of them!

  • robdeaderick


    3 years ago

    My plan? Get in the car and drive. With my bat. And a stapler.

  • Emma4794


    3 years ago

    Head to the ocean! let's see those mother-huggers try and swim...

  • SARGE811


    3 years ago

    My plan: stay in my guest house with all the food weapons I can get. To get to it, you need to get up a flight of stairs. That's the only way. Barricade it, I'm set. Also Xbox. So I don't blow my brains out.

  • TheJazzzMan


    3 years ago

    Mine is not to prepere at all, thats what they do in the shows and they do fine.
    Also we will never get a zombie invasion because we know about zombies, for in every zombie show and movie they have no idea what zombies are. So because we know about zombies they will nver happen to us.
    Yes you heard that from me first.

  • PerishablePanda

    PerishablePanda Sitting Duck

    3 years ago

    After reading that article, I now have a girl-crush on your girlfriend.

    You know, I really should come up with a better zombie plan. Right now, mine is kill someone and steal their plan. I doubt I could take on a real survivalist so I better prepare on my own, ha ha.

    ... Alaska?