Trying to finish this one today, and get it on iTunes etc asap.

Features me and Sandy screaming even more than we did when we were getting divorced (haha!) and thanks to the one and only Mr. Lamar Hall for helping me with the b section lyrics.

terrifying plane crash fallin from the sky
don't look now cuz you're all gonna die

up from the depths of a bottomless pit
then it's out of the frying pan into the shit

get your team ready cuz we're comin in hot
freefall dropdown when it gonna stop?

sun's gonna rise but for you there's no dawn
run all you want but you'll be dyin with your boots on

hurricane's comin' better pack your shit up
lost in the storm and you're runnin out of luck

fight for your life as you breathe your last breath
riding shotgun a roller-coaster of death

coughin' up blood as you're falling toward the light
pulse slowin' down your maker's in sight

shotgun to the face send you to the sky
drag you back to hell then you terrify!