Game Of Thrones is a RPG(Role Playing Game) based on the HBO TV show Game Of Thrones created and developed by Cyanide Studios.

The game follows the story of two characters Mors Westford, a veteran ranger of the Night's Watch, and Alester Sarwyck, a red-robed priest of R'hllor. The story follows the same to the TV adaption of the Game Of Thrones Novel but does not overlap any of the events from the HBO TV Adaption.

.The gameplay follows suit to most medieval RPG games such as Dragon Age Origins such as the player must use dialogue to interact with other characters in the game and the dialouge that the player uses will effects the events of the games ending. Like most RPG games the player is given a character that he or she can edit in ways such as upgrading the characters strength and skills with weapons and also aquiring and searching for items around the world in order to benefit the player

.In my opinion it took a while to get into the game and actually begin enjoying the features that the game has to offer such as certain battle scenarios where the player must use tactics in order to overwhelm and destroy enemy threats. On the other hand i did find that the game had too much dialouge and way too much animation sequences and not enough action sequences that the player could involve themselves in and actually do some fighting, but as with any game players must really give a game like this a chance to really sink in and let the positives of the game overwhelm the negatives of the game.

I would highly reccommend this game to any gamer that has any interest in games such as Dragon Age Origins or Dragon Age II or Kingdom of Amalur or any RPG Medieval themed game as this adaption of Game Of Thrones will not let any of the fans of the novel or the Tv show down in any way and will be highly recognised as one of the successful Medieval RPG`s to date.