I'm taking a break from Skyrim at the moment to do two things. One is to promote a well-known Rooster Teeth community member's IndieGoGo, and another is just my personal thoughts about stuff, I guess.

So first off, the IndieGoGo is exactly like Kickstart only in Canada. Many of you know DiMono, but many may not know that he has written a novel called Unseen and posted it here on Rooster Teeth. You can start reading it here. Anyway, he is trying to get his novel published, and as you may have guessed, it costs quite a bit of money. As an aspiring writer myself, I feel obligated to spread the word and to see his book become reality. His IndieGoGo is here.

Now for personal thoughts and stuff. I have been down here at Full Sail for about a month now. I'm living in my own apartment across the street from campus and I'm being forced to take online classes. So, essentially, I don't leave my apartment.

I guess I'm a little lonely, I guess I'm a little underwhelmed. I just feel like I could be doing so much more. I have all these dreams, yet I don't even try to make them reality. I guess that's why I am taking interest in DiMono's novel, he has and is taking steps to realize one of his dreams, and I look at myself and just say, "Why am I not doing that?" The answer is "I don't know."

I have a lot of short stories under my belt, and a lot of story ideas in my head. I just haven't taken any steps to writing them out, or even trying to. I've had one story idea that has been in my brain-housing group for over 5 years now. Every time I tried to write it out, it didn't feel right. It never comes out how I want it. I tried to write it, didn't like it and it turned into a different short story. I'll post that here in the upcoming week. It's actually something I'm a little proud of, but it still isn't perfect. I'm not good at flushing out characters, and I suck even more at description. That's the whole reason I'm studying Creative Writing for Entertainment. So I can better myself, and expand my knowledge.

I don't really see any marketability for myself as a writer, I never thought of myself that good, but this is something I want. It's something I love and enjoy. In fact, my dream job isn't even hiring writers. Yet, I'm going to school to be one. My logic is flawed.

Well, Skyrim is calling me back. Time to slay some more dragons.