The night was hot. The lights of passing cars and street lamps blurred past as he sped down the street. He gripped the steering wheel tighter as he lowered his foot on the gas pedal. What got him in this situation? He unconsciously found himself looking in the rear view mirror. The dull lights of the car he had passed moments ago eased away in the distance. His gaze then moved to the figure lying on the back seat. A woman, sleek blonde hair, smooth curves, her hands tucked under her beautiful face. Her face, he caught himself staring at her attractiveness. The way she looked at the moment, peaceful and innocent, did not reflect her personality at all. She was strong, determined, and how she got into this situation -
How I got her into this situation he corrected himself. He let his eyes glance one more time at her face before going back to the road. There were less oncoming headlights now, it told him he was almost to his destination.

The docks, no one drives near here unless they take part in shady deals, deals like his. He didn't take chances when it came to these, but this was urgent. He looked at what was on the passenger seat. A leather briefcase, one with silver latches and a three number combination lock, the kind with the three separate dials counting from 1 to 9. He always hated that type of number combination lock, because with enough time and effort a person could break into one. However, this was a short term briefcase, meant only for one deal. Meant to be replaced by the package he had done this dirty work for, something he didn't even want. He owed some people, and that is the only reason he was there. But her, she didn't have to be here. He drug her along, he should have just declined her offer to join him. He had a feeling, and usually his intuitions are correct.

He grabbed the pistol that was next to the brief case. Using his knees to keep the car driving straight, he checked the magazine, made sure it was loaded for the unexpected. He shoved the magazine back into the pistol and pulled back the charging mechanism, allowing a bullet to go into the chamber. He clicked it off safe.
"Hey, Jennifer, wake up" he said gruffly, realizing that he hasn't said anything since they got in the car more than four hours ago. It smelt more like ten hours, the smell of sweat and cigarettes hung heavy in the confined space. He rolled down the window an inch on the driver and passenger sides, allowing for some clean air to circulate. Hah, "clean air" he thought, he doubted that the air out there was any cleaner than the air in the car. A place of pollution, drugs, and crime usually has a dirty aura to it.

A soft sigh came from the backseat as Jennifer sat up, stretching her arms as she sat up straight. She rested them on the driver and passenger side seats as she leaned over the middle console.

"We there yet, Andy?" she asked, all evidence that she was sleeping, or even tired, was gone out of her voice. He hated when she called him "Andy" but he had come to deal with it. He became quite self conscious since he woke her up. His breath smelt of the pack of cigarettes he had smoked that day, his clothes, a tattered leather coat, ripped at the hems of the left shoulder and tear above the right pocket. His jeans had stains from where he would rub his hands clean of any sticky food remnants. His brown hair, dirty and tousled, was the result of no shower, lack of sleep, and a long drive.

"Nearly. You remember the plan right? Just a simple drop and pick, in and out. No problems, right?" He stopped looking at the narrowing road to look at her. Her face, no longer peaceful, but filled with an anticipation that could only be kept at bay at what this package would hold for her. What it held for both of them. Yet, there, in the midst of the eagerness, lye the beauty, the peaceful girl he saw sleeping, but in a blink of an eye, it vanished and he turned back towards the road.
"One more block, on dock twelve." He said. Jennifer looked out of the window, barely able to make out a broken down building, she could just make out the writing on a piece of drift wood that read "Dock 10"

"Jenny, you know you didn't have to come. I could have done this myself." Andy said, he talked with enough distinction, but a subtle amount of concern for her. Jennifer could pick up the worry in his voice.
"Look, we're in this together." She said in a harsh tone. "Besides, you know what this will do for us, and that's why I came with you." Her voice fell soft by the time she finished. Her eyes said enough to Andy as he looked at them through the rear view mirror. Filled with intensity, a fire of desire that burned intensely for what this package will bring. Yet sadness, because he knew that this was their last package, they were done with this life. They were going to make a new life, and get out of this hell they have been living since before he could remember. He smiled.
"Are you ready?" Andy said as he slowed the car to a stop.
"I'm ready for anything."

Part 2