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"You'll never amount to anything if you keep this up, Andrew!" a woman shouted in darkness "You'll only take everyone down with you!"
"Well, it looks like I'm going to have company then!" Andy shouted back. He heard the door slam and that brought him back to reality. He opened his eyes, the darkness faded into an empty dock. It was almost as dark as when his eyes were closed. A lonely street lamp was the only means of light, the bulb inside dimming as if struggling not to die, giving off an eerie illumination. Andy didn't know why his mind continued to go back to the last time he ever saw his mother. He heard a soft clicking sound, the sound of a lighter igniting. He turned to see the flame casting a soft orange glow across Jennifer's face, only for it to fade away leaving a dull ember burning about three inches from her lips. The cigarette burned fiery red as she inhaled.

Andy looked at her stern face as she removed the cigarette from her mouth and softly blew out the smoke through pursed lips. Her long grey trench coat, half way buttoned, her blonde hair draped over her left shoulder. How he longed to go to her, sweep her off her feet and take her far away from this life, away from all these horrible things that they were involved in. Soon, he promised himself, with the delivery of what was to come; he was going to do just that.
"Andy?" Jennifer's distinct tone broke the silence, she wasn't facing Andy, but Andy was looking at her over the hood of the car. "What did you have planned after we get this package?" she turned her face towards him, his eyes met hers, the beauty was there, the innocence. He could only smile.
"You'll see, Jenny." He said. Andy had to break the stare first; he smiled into his chest as he looked at the ground. He never told her, and she constantly reminds him of that every chance she gets. It is his secret and it was going to stay that way until this deal is done.

Andy had kept an eye on his watch, the pistol in his right jacket pocket made him feel a little off balance. The briefcase sat on the ground, next to his left foot. He could easily bend down and grab the handle if he needed to. He glanced at the watch again. 12:24. Six minutes and the people the deal had been arranged with should show up. Andy was ready. He took a deep inhale in, the ocean salt air, mixed with other fumes filled his lungs. He held it in and closed his eyes. Andy let images flood his mind. First was his first exchange, a short handed drug deal that scored him two-hundred dollars, second was the first time he met Jennifer, a back door bar where he had come early for a larger cocaine deal. He remembered how she sat on the bar stool, slowly drinking from her glass. He couldn't tell what type of drink it was, but it couldn't have been strong. She wore a leather jacket, one that fitted tightly on her shoulders. She wore dark blue jeans, also tightly fitting. He couldn't help but be attracted. He chose to sit two stools down from her, the smell of cigarettes and liquor filled his nostrils.

Jennifer glanced over to him; his tousled brown hair still caused him problems, but to her, he had that gruff handsome look about him. She smiled as she took another drink of her Malibu, a mix of orange juice and coconut rum. It had a sweet, fruity flavor that she had come to love, and this bar was the only one that could ever make it right.
"What's your name?" asked a baritone voice; she looked over at Andy, who was intently looking at her, with inquisition in his eyes. She knew it was him that asked the question.
"Jennifer" she said "and yours?"
"Well, Andrew, what brings you to such a lovely place?" She slightly smirked at her own sarcasm, Andy did as well. He enjoyed sarcasm and a quick wit.
"The scenery mostly, I heard it was beautiful this time of year." Both he and Jennifer looked around at the hazy bar. Inside were broken stools, tables pot marked with cigarette burns, bowls of burnt peanuts, and a plethora of shady looking people. All the liquor bottles behind the bar were covered in a thick layer of dust. All together, it looked like a dirty, stingy, bar.
"You should fire your travel agent." Replied Jennifer as she took another drink and setting the now empty glass on the bar. The ice cubes rattled once before settling at the bottom of the glass.

The minutes they talked turned into hours. Before long, they were leaving the bar together. Andy forgot about the cocaine deal, and lead Jennifer to his apartment. Andy returned to his senses. It was that night that eventually led him to the debt he had accrued. When his employers got wind of Jennifer, they sucked her into it as well. He has almost paid it back; he just has to finish this deal and all his debt will be gone. He looked at his watch. 12:31 it read. He looked up just in time to see dim head lights coming in his direction. The air became a lot colder all of a sudden. He noticed Jennifer fold her arms to her chest, keeping herself warm. All Andy did was clench his fist tight. Finally, he thought, the conclusion to this awful life, and a beginning to something more wonderful.

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