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The car pulled up, stopping ten yards from the front of Andy's car. The steam from the engine was visible from the headlights, making it look as if the car was breathing smoke. Andy bent down to pick up the briefcase. He clenched it tightly in his hand as he glared where he assumed the driver would be. For brief moments, nothing happened, just the sound of the engine in the mysterious car still humming. The wait seemed ominous to Andy, he did not trust anything, and the time he sat out in the open made things even more on edge. He looked at Jennifer, she was looking around with a slight concern on her face. Was she perhaps thinking the same thing he was? The thought was interrupted as the car door from the car opened, revealing a man wearing a pin-stripe suit and a fedora. His shoes were polished and his fedora was tipped lightly to the side. Not a moment later, the other doors in the cars opened, revealing three other men. Dressed similarly to the first man, the only exception was the fedora. He walked in front of the headlights, presenting himself as a silhouette, maintaining the illusion of mystery. He reached up and fixed his fedora before speaking.
"Do you have it, Andrew?" His voice was harsh, but there was a snide grin that made the sentence even more ominous.
"Let me see the payload first." Andrew came back sharply, he knew that he could not trust these guys, he knew who they worked for, how easily double-crossing came to him. He would not let his guard down for a second.

The mysterious man chortled before giving his response.
"Always on edge, weren't you, Andrew? Come on, can't you trust me that I have the supply?" His sarcasm was palpable, as if he were buying his time.
"No offense, Jonathan, but I have too much riding on this to trust anybody." Andrew was getting sick of his game, biding the time.
"Ah, but you trust her." Jonathan, smiling at his own comment, directed it at Jennifer. Jennifer looked stunned, but looked away at this comment.
"Don't bring her into this John; now let's get this over with."
"Alright, Andrew, let's get it over with, since you're so unpleased with our little visit." Jonathan said, keeping his sneer hidden by the headlights of the car. "Harmon, bring Andrew his package." The man standing on the far right of Jonathan stepped forward. A suitcase in hand, dangling on at his side as he walked in between the two men and the two cars.
"This is it, Andrew, your big payoff. Now, give us the powder." Jonathan's hinting sneer was gone; his voice was cold and serious, tossing the polite etiquette out the window.

This is it; Andy thought to himself, he took his first unsteady step towards the silhouetted Harmon, who was waiting for him in the middle of the two cars. He continued pace as he made another step, continuing slowly. His mind poured in all the things he can accomplish now, all the things he could do and all the things he could give to Jennifer that he had no hopes of before. He was nearly there, he saw the briefcase that Harmon held, its silver latches securing all the hopes and dreams Andy had. He stopped, and held the suitcase in both hands, Harmon did the same. Andy spun the numbers on the lock to 3-1-5 and the briefcase popped open, exposing to Harmon the four evenly sized bags of cocaine. Harmon did the same, opened the briefcase in front of Andrew, showing layers of stacked hundreds, $100,000 in total. Both nodded in silent agreement and snapped the briefcases shut. They both grabbed their own briefcase by the handles with their right hand. With their left hand, they simultaneously reached out for the other. Once they both had grabbed hold, they let go. The deal had been done, Andy smiled slightly and had a hard time resisting the temptation just to run back to the car and drive away. His debts finally repaid, and his dreams will finally start coming true. Andrew took a step backwards, but froze as Harmon pulled a gun and pointed it straight at his chest.

"Did you really think we would let you get away with all that cash?" Jonathan sneered.
"John, you have no idea how long I have been working for this." Andrew replied desperately. Jennifer's eyes widened as she finally grasped what had just happened.
"I know, Andrew, but I'm only getting paid a fraction of the cost of what's in that briefcase, so, I'm going back on you, and I'm taking it all." Jonathan replied, pulling a gun out himself and pointing it at Andy. "So if you value your life, and your little girlfriend's, I suggest you just set that briefcase down, go back to your car and live your life. Your debt is repaid, just keep living on." Andy could not find the strength to move, he did not want to believe the situation, so he kept listening to Jonathan, it was the only thing he could do.

"If you don't Andrew, you will lose a lot more than just the money." Jonathan said as he clicked the hammer back on his gun, his finger tensing slightly on the trigger.
"Andy, just do it! Just give him the money, we'll live our lives out together!" Jennifer pleaded, her eyes filled with tears and worry.
"No Jennifer, you deserve a life better than this! If I don't take this, we'll be back to where we started." Andrew replied.
"But we wouldn't have Thomas kicking us around, demanding this and that, we're free now, Andy!" her tears flowing down her cheeks, her hair flowing softly down the side of her face and draping on her shoulder. "Please, just come back to me."
"Listen to her Andrew, she's got the right idea" Jonathan said "now just put down the briefcase, turn around and put this all behind you."
"I can't do that, John, you should know that by now." Andrew said, the worry he had fading into a collective calm.
"Stubborn as ever, Andrew" Jonathan said, he smirked as he leveled his arm straight, aiming directly at Andy's head. "Goodbye, old friend." He finished as he pulled the trigger.

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