I got it like last week, havent played too much but...

This game is unfuckin belivable. The sound is soo awsomley done, the guns are realisticly done. The squad formation and the commander position are awsome.

The mods coming look amazing and the graphics on this game, DAMN!

A few mods I am looking forward to:
smiley9.gifRed Alert a Path Beyond
smiley9.gifNight Fighters
smiley9.gifBattlefield: Apocalypse

The red alert mod used to be a mod I played called RenAlert for CnC Rengade, one of my all time favorite games , wich I though had plans to go to Half Life 2, but I just found out that It would be on BF2.

Evryone get it so we can form a RVB clan on there, cuz that would be PIMP!