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The shot rang out, but Andrew had tossed himself the left at the last second, putting Harmon in between himself and Jonathan. Andy immediately thrust his hand into his right jacket pocket, pulling out his pistol and unloading two rounds into Harmon before Harmon had a chance to put Andy in his sights. Harmon dropped to the ground, bleeding from the two holes in his chest, but before he dropped, Andy had already gotten up and continued running left. Jonathan and his two remaining stooges aimed their weapons at Andy. Andy ducked, dodged, and zigzagged his way towards the dock. Adrenaline pumped through his body, as he headed towards the dock. The cement wall that separated it from the rest of the boardwalk would provide good cover and allow him to return fire. He kept running, shots hitting the ground around him and the cement wall he was running towards. Splinters of wood sprayed when the bullets collided with the dock as Andy jumped over the short cement wall. The bullets continued to hit as he crouched under it, keeping his head down.

"Come out, Andy!" Jonathan said with a laugh, "It will only hurt a little, I promise!"
Shots continued to impact on the other side of the cement wall that Andy was crouching under. He kept his shoulder pressed hard against the wall and started moving along the wall. He needed to surprise them, get them off guard in order to pick them off one by one. Andy could no longer here shots being fired, so he halted his progress along the wall.
"Andrew, listen, just give us the briefcase and we'll put all of this behind us." Jonathan called out. Andrew had nearly forgotten about the briefcase that he held tightly in his hands. Andrew knew that if he gave up the suitcase, Jonathan would just kill him anyways, he'd rather go down fighting then just handing it over to him. Andrew put down the suitcase softly, and put his hand underneath the other hand that held the pistol. If he was going to take the chance, he wants a stable shot. He quickly raised his head and chest over the cement wall, arms extending over it, he saw Harmon's dead body about twenty feet away, and ten feet from there was Jonathan and the other two guards he had with him. He aimed for the one on the left and fired.

The man to Jonathan's right fell to a bloody heap as the flash of gunshots on the cement wall vanished; he raised his pistol and fired towards where they were. He shot several times, breathing heavily as he lowered his pistol. His anger was building that he had to go through all the trouble for this. It was supposed to be an easy deal, kill and take all, and now it's proving more difficult.
"Clever trick, Andrew," Jonathan bellowed "but it will take more than that!"
A car door slammed to Jonathan's left, he turned to face Jennifer and pointed his gun at her. They stood there for a moment, and she continued to walk towards him. He lowered his gun.
"I see you did your part for convincing him to bring you." He said, as he turned back towards the cement wall that Andrew was hiding behind. "Now, can you convince him to..." his sentenced trailed off as he faced back towards Jennifer who had a pistol pointing in his face. His eyes widened as she pulled the trigger.

Jonathan's lifeless body fell backwards as Jennifer kept pointing the pistol at where his head had been seconds prior.
"I don't work for you, Jonathan, not anymore." She said.
Smoke slowly rose from the muzzle of the weapon. Jonathan's last body guard looked back when he heard the gunshot; he stared in disbelief as Jonathan landed on the ground with a heavy thud. He looked at Jennifer and turned, now aiming at her. She looked at him and turned her own pistol at him. Three shots rang out, Jennifer closed her eyes.

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