Bon Appletite

After drinking one too many martini's, The Photographer and I decided to stumble back to his apartment up through the city. Along our route, we passed a Subway with a giant sign advertising that they currently had avocado available for their sandwiches. It said in big, bold, italicized letters "BRAVOCADO!" This ignited something in The Photographer and the following tirade ensued...

The Photographer: "I don't like 'Bravocado.' I don't get it."
Me: "Because it's avocado season at Subway. And they're cheering themselves on for it. Bravo. Avocado... Bravocado."
The Photographer: "No, I understand that. I just think it's stupid. They aren't the opera. They aren't an orchestra. They aren't a conductor. Why are we telling them bravo?! BRAVO FOR HAVING AVOCADOS?! That's just stupid."
Me: "I think you think it's stupid, because you didn't come up with it. And some smarmy marketing guy got paid handsomely for that contribution to the world."
The Photographer: *deadly serious* "No, I think it's stupid because it's stupid. If they wanted to be creative... if they wanted to be clever... they would get apples to put on their sandwiches. Then they could say, 'Bon Appletite!'"

This kept us entertained for as long as we could remember it... which we didn't when we reached his house a few blocks later.

True story.

And further proof that fact is better than fiction.