Lego Batman 2 is a lego action adventure game developed by Traveller's Tales which one of the many games that features the majority of the DC characters which are also playable characters.

As the title sujests you play the role of bruce wayne aka Batman who is interruppted at an award ceremony by the joker and his accomplices, Bane, Riddler, Two Face and more! You Bruce Wayne step outside into the darkness to change into your suit and take on the evil joker as the cape crusader Batman. The main storyline features different scenarios that bring the player through familiar locations in the Batman universe such as Gotham City and Arkam Asylum. The player must take on the Joker in different scenarios in an open world enviorment by solving puzzles using both Batman and Robin by using different suits and abilities.

The gameplay i found was very straight forward but at times some puzzles were took a bit of time to think about. The game really does target the youger age group of gamers that are fans of the Batman universe. For a lego adventure game I found the game to be very enjoyable and entertaining at times. In ways such as that its not always easy to take a lego character that serious! But the game does not let down on the Batman storyline, players and fans of Batman and the DC Universe will find that Traveller`s Tales have not made a flop of a Batman game they have blended a well known Superhero series with a timeless title of toys that have made in my opinion a very enjoyable game.

The gameplay really focuses on the side scrolling element of playability with a mixture of abilities such as grappling hooks and xray vision to make your way through puzzles. Players will be given different suits for different scenarios, one being a suit that Robin uses to freeze water or put fire out (No Spoilers).

In general all age groups will really enjoy this installment in the Lego Adventure series and the Batman/DC universe series as many fans of both genres will be left wanting more.