WOW, I can't tell you how excited we are about playing for everyone at RTX. We'll have around 20 people in the Freelance Orchestra for this show do I say this... THEY'RE ALL MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!! Wait til you see this band. I can't believe I am able to rope musicians of this caliber into playing with me. I'm one lucky kid.

Of course we have the main characters, the folks who you have come to know well through the RT music of the last few years: Lamar Hall, Sandy Casey and Casey Williams. Talkin That Shit, The More, Falling Toward the Sky, On Your Knees, Terrify, Extraction, I Say Ooh....these are the amazing people who brought these songs to life, and they have been busy thinking about how to avoid getting your melted face on their clothes. It's not easy when you're that burning hot.

I asked you a few days ago about a song that was in Guitar Hero 3 by a band called An Endless Sporadic. That was a bit of bait there....Zach Kamins, the head cat behind AES will be playing guitar and keyboards with us. Zach writes all of AES' music and he is ....just a stunning musician.

Fresh off a 4 month headlining date at the House of Blues in Shangai, we have my buddy Greg Luttrell. Greg is such an unbelievable singer, guitar player, blues harmonica player and front're gonna LOVE this guy. Check out to get a tiny taste of what Greg is about. He's also a dangerous cat to hang out with, so if you take Greg out for drinks....have bail money ready, cuz the shit heats UP when Greg is around.

Lauren will play oboe. That's right. And English Horn too.

I'm mentioning a few people, but really, everyone in the band is killer. Oh, how about Juni Koboyashi, our percussionist. I don't think I have to say anything more there, except your ass might as well be a Taiko drum cuz she's gonna kick it.

Steve Goldshein, who gave us some music in RvB S9 will be on hand doign what he does best-saving my ass!!! ....phew...yeah, you just have to come see this band. BOOM.

I'll tell you what much as I can go on about their musicianship....these people are all SOOO NICE!! The most unbelievably nice, funny, sweet group of people. We will have a booth at RTX, so be sure to come by and say hello, you'll be so glad that you did. There will be hugs and possibly cookies and no one told we couldn't play strip, wear clean boxers.

Special surprises? I didn't say anything about special surprises.

Everyone here on the RT site has been so very kind to me over the last few years....I deeply appreciate it and am so happy to be able to thank you by ROCKING YOU AT RTX.