Just finished watching the last 2 episodes... they were Dark. And I mean Dark. I was, however, very disappointed with the end. There was just so much more they could have done with it.
I kinda saw one or two revelations to do with Amon coming. I understand what happened to Korra, and why it was done (And I really felt it could have gone further, all things considered) but they didn't take it further, and instead did that Deus Ex Machina thing at the end, which pissed my off, I thought that this wasn't a disney show, guess I was wrong.
I personally would have gone so much further with it all, and didn't like the extra-cheesiness at the end. It was a fantastic comeback from the old series, as an overall show, and I liked it. One last but.
But I cannot see the series going on now. I won't give spoilers to explain why 'till everyone's had a chance to see it, but basically they'll have to do very, very well to make the second season work with the first, let alone continuing for another two-three seasons.

In other news I've started playing a new DnD game. 3.5ed, running gnorman's e6 compendium houserules. It's fantastic, and works really well. I'm running a half-dwarf Engineer (cannoneer) who is neutral-evil. He's almost OP with his blunderbuss. Damn thing can't miss it it's range, and has ammo as long as he has gunpowder and lots of small objects handy.


This is Jack, sayin' keep it fresh, people.