The Amazing Spider-Man is a third person open world action adventure game developed by Beenox and published by Activision

The game does not follow the storyline of the new The Amazing Spider-Man movie but is set immediately after the events of the film. The storlyine essentially finds the main chatacter Peter Parker aka Spider-Man finding a cure for the recently escaped convict Doctor Connors, who is broken out of prison by Peter Parker in an attempt to find a cure for the recent outbreak of the Lizard Man virus.

The Player will find themselves in oncoming battles throughout the city with foes of the Lizard Man and other well known villians such as Rhino who is making a re-appearence from the previous Spider-Man games that follow the Sony developed Spider-Man movies Spieder-Man 1 ,2 and 3 and Black Cat who is also making a re-appearence from the Spider-Man games.

However the most toughest foe that the player will have to encounter will be the oscorp procuded robots such as the 5-01 robot that would remind you of the Mass Effect 3 Reaper Space-Ships.

The gameplay follows the same combat system as the Batman Arkham video game series such as using a freeflow and counter attacks. The player will immediately enter the Manhatten enviorment where most of the signature web swinging will take place. The web swinging animation follows suit to the previous Spider-Man video games however Beenox have added in a new feature to the web slingers arsenal that will emense the player in a slow motion sequence that will allow the player to lock onto targets and make a quick web sling to targets and take them out with one quick strike.

Players will also find cool features with this ability that will allow the spider-man character to sit onto helicopters on poles on skyscrapers.

In my opinion the game was as the title suggest "Amazing". As i am a huge fan of the series and the storyline, i found that the game did stay true to traditional spider-man games and in my opinion it definitely feels like a Spider-Man game. I really enjoyed the open world playability that the game provides. It always good fun showing off a few stunts while web swinging onto a skyscraper and grapling from building to building. This game will definitely go down as one of the most successful spidy games of all time.