This Thursday, my road trip through half of America starts with RTX

and then continues with Comic-Con

I DON'T want to think about July because of its eventfulness. So much will be happening that I can't fathom it all in one go.

First things first, though. is RTX.
And I so very excited to be honored with the presence of all of you guys.

Just to let you know, I am at your service, RTX friends!!!

I have a car. I love to drive. I have Texas expertise (have lived in the state for 99% of life).
I would LOVE to show all non-Texans around Austin to find awesome places and food. At any time of the day.
I don't mind AT ALL being a chauffeur to friends' needs.

ALSO!!, I am bringing video cameras to shoot an RTX weekend video, so THAT means I need Interviewees!! People to stand in front of a camera and give their take on RTX, Roosterteeth, and what it means to them.

A (very raw) example of some film stuff I've done in the past

If you would like to be a part of this, let me know. =)

Gents, Ladies,
Let's Do This