So quick updates in the form of a nice list.

-Finished Film Studies coursework
-Finished Media Studies mock music video (featuring puppets galore)
-Went to BBC Studios to watch an episode of 'You Cannot Be Serious!' being recorded.
-Started Summer holiday.
-Started work on a video game called 'iNVERTED'.
-Started work on another called 'Ben and Goldie: Super Space Dreams'.
-Drawn some concept art for Ben and Goldie.
-Drawn Jcach's 'The Pretender' character.
-Done some music for friend's version of Ben and Goldie. (Ben and Goldie: A Glorious Summer)
-Started work on music for my version of Ben and Goldie.
-Redrawn logo for 'Artcan'. (Name for publishing games under as a group of people).
-Started designing the website for Artcan.
-Started redesigning the website for TMIAB (friend's name for publishing games under)
-Screwed up sleeping pattern. Severely.