So Supanova wrapped up its June run a few weeks ago and I'm missing everything about it.

This year Steve and I did the crazy double header and volunteered at Sydney (on my birthday weekend) and then our home town leg.

Sydney (and Supanova in general) had its 10th birthday and attendance was a whopping 28,400 over the Friday preview night/Saturday/Sunday. I loved it. All the Sydney vollies were so nice, it was great to catch up with some of the Melbourne vollies that flew up to lend a hand, we met most of them from last year. All the Brisbane vollies that treked down were begging me to help out at in Brizzy. To have someone beg for your help was an honor. But for me to get to Brizzy is SO expensive.

My role in Sydney was in 'Front Of House' as a floater for the seminar rooms. Steve was FOH in the entry/ticketing lines outside. I wasn't put outside as the FOH Supanova staffer (he gets paid for working nova) Dion wanted me to save my voice for Perth cos we both knew where i would be.

Perth 'Nova I took on the role i had last year which has improved so much since they started the role last year.

Just so you know a little be more about the outside FOH team.
In an ideal situation, when there is an ample number of volunteers, the entry/ticketing line FOH there would be a team leader(me) and 6 teams of 2 broken up into 2 shift times to deal with getting people in the correct ticketing lines. 1 team member from each pair would be on the megaphone directing and the other would answer questions and handle one on one situations. The team leaders role is to do up the roster for each team member, make sure that shift changes occur, water runs, follow any instructions given by Andrew, Dave and Dion(all Supanova staff) and also the same jobs as team members. FOH (outside) is an area certain skills are required. Being able to deliver instructions to punters, not being afraid of large crowds.

Now what happened on the Perth weekend was:
My team only had 3 people to start with on Friday and Saturday morning. I'm thankful that 2 vollies who were happy to help out on Saturday while they were waiting for their shift, in the ticketing/door check group, to start. I'm even more grateful that Andrew let me take 2 of his ticketing/door check team members to help on Sunday. So I asked the 2 guys who helped me the day before if they want to join the team as they had the experience from Saturday and they did a bloody great job.
We had extremely limited breaks, most of us didn't want to take a breaks and did pretty much a double shift. We didn't have a 'buddy team mate' to answer the questions asked by patrons. We were each doing the job of 2 people. We were outside all weekend, it was cold but at least is wasn't raining.
I would have my 5 FOH team members outside with me next year if they do come back.

Also while in Sydney I did the kinda smart/silly thing and bought me and steve VIP tickets for Perth. The main perk of a VIP tix is that you get to cue jump everything and prime seating for any panels you want to watch. So guess who was the only one in the front row for Burnie and Gavin's Sunday panel... ME. smiley0.gifsmiley0.gif
Another VIP perk is the VIP party on the Saturday night. What a night we had. Had a quick chat with Eric Roberts, Natalia Tena and a few other 'supa stars'. Burnie and Gav were there and Steve n I had a great chat about how things are run from a vollies point of view and the future of Rooster Teeth's involvement with Supanova, which is gonna be awesome. Burnie loved the fact that they are billed as 'special guests' and didn't have to worry about selling the merch as HANABEE are their distributer for Australia.

All in all Perth SMASHED 5th year records for any of the other cities. Last year we had 17,500 attend and this year was massive. I was thinking 18,000 for this year but no.. We got 21,100 people attend over the weekend.
The guy who runs the ticketing agency that do the pre-sale tixz asked me last year 'Where do you see Perth'nova going?'
I told him straight up "If Daniel (the owner of the expo) keeps getting quality guests, we could be as big as Bisbane (2011 numbers for them were 25,000) and Sydney."

I think this year Perth proved that it could happen..

I really wished I was in Austin for RTX. An EXPO that was limited to 4000 attendees would be a walk in the park for me. Lotto dream to go there and work a weekend as a vollie. But until then I will keep workin Supanova and learning new things.

The plan for the rest of the year is:
Once Steve finds out if his leave has been approved for November, flights will be booked for Adelaide. If Steve cant get time off, I'm still going. Have a twitter friend who I met in Perth who is all booked has offered me to share her accommodation which is nice. And if i have the $$ at the time VIP tixz come on sale I'm so doing it again. It will save me a lot of time in the line rides and I know it will be busy as this will be Adelaide's 1st Supanova.