Spec Ops The Line is a third person shooter developed by Yager Development and published by 2K Games.

The storlyine is set in the present day in the engulfed city of Dubai which has been covered in a sandstorm, where Delta Operatives Walker, Adams and Lugo are flying a UH-60 Black Hawk through the Dubai skyline, taking down several pursuing helicopters.

Whilst in pursuit a sandstorm hits crashing all the Black Hawks and leaving the Delta Operatives stranded in the middle of the recently evacuated and sand ridden Dubai.

The player is given the task to work with his or hers fellow team mates and find the source of the distress call sent out by Colonel John Konrad, Commander of "The Damned' 33rd Battalion, United States Army. Who had been sent to Dubai on his way home from Afghanistan to help aid Dubai in relief efforts and evacuate the city from the looming threat of the sandstorm six months prior to the games beginning. Essentially the inhabitants of the city had declared martial law and riots broke out through-out the city which resulted in a high death toll across the entire city.

The gameplay find players seeing very similar trates to the recently released Tom Clancey`s Ghost Recon Future Soldier where the players duck and cover system works exactly the same. We also see similarities to the Gears of War duck and cover system. However compared to these two games this games player movement runs alot slower and clunkier. The players sprinting animation is probably the only fast paced element that the game offers but the game does have its strong points in the area of weapons where the player is given a vast amount of weapons ranging from M4A1`s and Scar-H`s and AK47`s and so on...

The only game modes that the game has to offer is the single player campaign and a multiplayer experience that Yager Development claim to have six game types across seven competitive multiplayer maps.

Gameplay will find players having to be very tactical with their weapon choices and having to be very conservative with their ammo. The player is meant to be given a near real life experience with the weapon system as it gives the player the awareness that there isnt much ammo around them and to use the bear essentials that have been given.

In my opinion the game will be very successful as fans of any military shooter i.e Call of Duty or Battlefield will definitely enjoy this latest edition to the miltitary shooter line.