So I am now back in the UK , the jet lag is sorted now after a very awkward day yesterday of using everything in my power to stay awake (mostly lots of cola and getting my butt kicked by very hard computer opponents in starcraft 2, and red vs blue obviously) after i landed a 6am but i have now recovered! Mostly anyway, except for the legs which still hurt a bit, I suspect they started hurting during lazer tag when i was trying to avoid being pistol whipped by aww102 :P (I kept on shooting him and shelbasor whenever they tried to come round a corner, then charged down and got them by going round the corner, think that annoyed him :P)

RTX is now over so back to normal UK life, including queues in shops , drunks on the street and inappropriate dinner conversations ...... so basically nothing has changed!

Only difference is that I am not hanging out with the great guys and girls i was hanging out with at RTX, who i think have all made it safely home now (although we should all have a minutes silence in honor shelbsor and huggyV's missing luggage), Miss you all already and hope to see ya all again soon!

Now to buy those MCM tickets..