3 years ago

First off -- To the tech team at RTX -- You know who you are. Thank you so much. You guys are literally the reason thousands of people online got to see RTX Live, anyone watching online owes you great thanks. You guys are the reason the AH Lounge went off without a hitch. You guys were trying things to recover those systems so far above my head, and your efforts are greatly appreciated. Thank you all oh so much, hopefully next year we'll have a more defined "tech" team at RTX 2013 -- All of you apply again for Guardian. If you worked with me on tech this weekend, feel free to shoot me a PM.

Second! The SWTOR Drunk Tanks are no longer lead by Jack or Myself. It seems that a few of our members decided to mutiny the guild out of Jack & my hands, and it seems Bioware just gives away a guild without any contact to the current leaders. We didn't even know the users were attempting to do this until it was out of our hands. After stealing the guild -- said members claimed they should be admins in mumble because they're the guild leader, and the situation has only gotten worse. I log in, and get immediately harassed for "killing the guild", "being a traitor" ect. -- Know this was not my intent. If i had a reason to play Star Wars -- I would play star wars. From what I've been told -- me and my team have been kicked from the guild. I appologize for not being the best guild leader. I wipe my hands of anything that happens at this point. Know that "The Drunk Tanks" on shadowlands are no longer associated with RoosterTeeth or AchievementHunter in any way. To the MSDC & those who supported us -- You guys fuckin rock, and are in EVERY good memory of Star Wars: The Old Republic. I look forward to raiding competitively with you all in future games.

Now, ON A HAPPIER NOTE. You heard it -- I'm playin' RIFT. Almost a year after launch, 13 months of polish, 3 tiers of raid content, instant adventures, full blown LFG tool, loads of max-level content, everything sounds golden. Click this Link if you want to try out the game, and play with some of us. We're playing on Greybriar. At the current moment, we don't have a guild setup or anything, and after the catastrophe that was the SWTOR guild, I might not lead one. Let me be perfectly clear though. I play whatever I want. I could play RIFT for 3 weeks and decide its not my thing. Just in the last 2-3 months, I've went from SWTOR, D3, DayZ, and now Rift. I play games. I play alot of games, and I switch games constantly. Do not get upset if in 1 month I stop playing. If you wanna swing by and play, we hang out in mumble server. Server: Port: default. password: tdt. Being annoying will result in a ban. Being a dick will result in a permaban.

Anyway, by using the link above to start playing RIFT -- you get the cool stuff below to help you start your adventure!

10x Inscribed Sourcestone
5x Plaque of Achievement
3x Mark of Ascension
2x Lucky Coin
5x Mark of Retribution

Anyway. Thats all for now guys -- Thanks so much for being awesome. You guys are amazing.

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  • rayrayxl3


    3 years ago

    1) MSDC Members had special access to the guild bank because we (Adam) paid for the guild bank tabs, which was used to hold stimulants, etc. specifically for our raids. Access to the guild bank was offered but declined by the other raiding groups.

    2) No one ever said that other groups of people shouldn't raid. However, the MSDC was a progression raid force, and the game only allows a max of 16 people per raid. I'm sorry that there weren't enough other raid opportunities, but frankly for a guild that used to have over 350 members, there has always been an appalling lack of leadership initiative from the general population. That lack of leadership is, again, evidenced by the fact that the guild has not managed a progression kill since the former raid groups left the game, which I believe is now entering it's 3rd month.

    3) The reason that the guild was removed from Jack's control and not passed to Adam is because Bioware is down to Junior Junior Junior Junior Level Community Reps who have absolutely no idea what they're doing. Adam's inactivity level never went past 2 weeks, and if it had then the guild would have automatically been passed to someone else, because Bioware has built an automatic leadership transfer system into the game. Instead, Xendrith caught the dumbest employee at Bioware on his worst day, and ended up in control of something he clearly couldn't handle.

    4) If you really believe that the guild is still an "RT fan guild at heart," then you should go read some of the drivel published by the "new leadership" on their site. As I understand it, mentioning the name RoosterTeeth in a positive light is grounds for guild removal now.

    I keep seeing people post like there's a snowball's chance in hell that the MSDC would for some reason want to hug it out with the current leadership and rejoin The Drunk Tanks. I've even seen the new leadership post the conditions under which we can come back. I will not lend their pathetic cause credibility by posting on their new site, so here are the conditions in which MSDC would consider coming back en masse:

    a) Leadership of the guild is to be returned to Adam, along with a full apology from the new leaders guys who got the guild after Xendrith fucked up.

    b) Each existing member undergoes a full evaluation to figure out whether or not he or she is, in fact, an asshole, and thus gets to stay or not.

    c) The general must cross the field, bend over, put his head between his legs, and kiss his own ass. Wait, never mind, that last one was from Braveheart.

    In closing, we're not coming back. I hope the guild as it exists now does prove me wrong and manages to rise above it's current state of mediocrity. I'm just not willing to bet any money on that.

  • rayrayxl3


    3 years ago

    After reading the diatribe of the new leadership over on their website... if the goal was to preserve and grow the guild, then why on earth didn't they just reform under a new name? I understand wanting to preserve the guild in its original form, but let's look at things objectively:

    1) A percentage of the people in The Drunk Tanks were there only because of its affiliation with RoosterTeeth. Without Adam & Jack, their continued presence would be suspect at best.
    2) With the departure of the 16 man and 8 man raid forces, all raid progression was halted. This is evidenced by the guild's failure to manage any new kills since those groups left the game.
    3) The new leadership has openly admitted that they missed out on recruiting once Shadowlands became a destination server.

    If you add it all up, there isn't a single reason why the current group shouldn't have just taken the force loyal to them, left the guild, and reformed under a new name. They could have even called it "Drunk Tanks," it doesn't matter. The point is, their lack of initiative is what seems to have damned the current incarnation of the guild into eternal mediocrity. "The Drunk Tanks," was borne from RoosterTeeth, and whether they play the game or not, they are under no obligation to hand it over to anyone, especially a group of people who seem destined to run it straight into the ground.

    TD;DR Version - You didn't build it, so stop trying to trick new people into coming.

    • Boisterous


      3 years ago

      I think the main issue that your missing if you look at what happened like that was that the guild really appeared to end up as an MSDC guild, not an RT one.

      I just came back from a hiatus, but before I took a break, it seemed heavily focused on the MSDC members - they had special access to the guild bank, access to the guild calender to set up events, and the other members in the guild that wanted to raid casually seemed to just get screwed ever so slightly.

      Also, they aren't really tricking people into joining the guild by faking to be an RT fan guild - it still IS an RT fan guild at heart, it just doesn't have an cast or crew member at the center of it.

      Also, the only reason the current leaders were allowed to mutiny the guild was because the current guild leader (Jack) hadn't been on in 35 days, and most of the officers had quit at that point, or were just exceedingly hard to reach.

  • divada1


    3 years ago

    Hey Adam as a current member of the drunk tanks i feel terrible about the way this whole mess went down. thank you for your side of the story under your journal as while i heard some of it no one wanted to really talk about it so it was refreshing to know your half of what happened. one of our officers made a response on the forums on if you want to see their side of the story of coarse it is a bit bias but it brings up some good facts in my opinion. i hope the guild and rooster teeth can mend ties and one day be a united community again as while i do not know the overall feel of the guild i know that many members feel bad about what happened to you and jack and want to be connected to rooster teeth once more. if you guys just dont want to deal with it id understand considering all thats happening. thanks for building a great guild and a lot of us are sorry that you where treated this way.

  • Sir-Cadogan


    3 years ago

    There needs to be a +1 WTF!!! for my reaction to the TOR news. Seriously, what person would do something like that without even talking with you about it first? I mean, they shouldn't have done it regardless, but they could have at least had the decency not to keep you in the dark about it. Spineless bastards.

  • ChiefJsh

    ChiefJsh Godzilla

    3 years ago

    First come gets it do not need email just you rt screen name.

  • ChiefJsh

    ChiefJsh Godzilla

    3 years ago

    I Just was emailed a code for Rift for a 30 day play and i was wondering who wants its from gamestop you can check me if you all ready sign for the letter.

  • ships226


    3 years ago

    Wow, sorry to hear Adam. To be honest, even though I lost the will to play SWTOR, I thought you were doing a great job. Managing and moderating a large scale fan and progression oriented guild is not a easy task. Its too bad that a few people had the ability to take the guild away from you and Jack. Best of luck to you in your future gaming, hope to see you around!

  • Wol

    Wol QA Tester

    3 years ago

    Sorry to hear that Adam. Best of luck to ya.

  • NinjaRevolt


    3 years ago

    Hey adam, worked as a guardian at RTX, but didn't know there was a tech team, otherwise i would have helped out if i could. hopefully i'll be able to apply to that section next year!
    That pretty fucked up what happened on SWTOR. I was curious as to why there was a new guildleader, but noone would give me a straight answer. I plan to quit next time i log in. If you get the chance, look me up on The Secret World. it's pretty great for story, even if the combat is crazy simplified!

  • melkomorgoth


    3 years ago

    Wow...haven't played TOR in a while, logged on the other day, and was totally bemused to see everything changed - new Mumble, new website, new really sucks that's the way it all went down, and also sucks that you guys can't really do anything about it. I'll be quitting that guild the next time I log on.

    On the lighter side of things...thank you, Adam, and all of your Guardians at RTX for making it awesome and able to be streamed for those of us who couldn't attend this year!