Sorry if this is a long journal.... I'll try to make it short. So lately around this time, each and every mother fuckin summer, I start having weird dreams. Most of the time it's of school starting early for some ridiculous reason (the reason changes every time), murderers killing me, zombies chasing me, having to cross an impossible bridge, or having premonitions. It's the same thing every summer. Most of these dreams have to do with things I'm scared of... heres a little list to get the idea:
Zombies- pretty much watched every single zombie movie ever.. bad idea
Bridges: I'm scared of being up high over deep water/the fear of falling in
Murderes: The one that occurs most often in my dreams is JasonX
Golf Clubs: My brother hit me in the face with one.... I literally scream when I see one (I can feel the pain and see it all over again... is this normal?? lol )
Ghosts: I've had my encounters...
End of The World: Fuck you 2012 (-_-) *I'm talking about the movie that made me more freaked out
Drowning: I hate hate hate deep open water
Well, that's a little list. I could keep going on with little stuff but eh... why waste your time and my time. Thanks for reading. :)