So it's getting time for me to start applying for scholarships. The VA isn't going to pay for everything, lol. But I did find a lot of scholarships for Children of Veterans of Foreign Wars so that's good, also found a couple for Michigan. It sucks though... there was this one scholarship that I was almost guaranteed to get. If only my dad had signed up for the army in Texas instead of Virginia. I would have gotten a full ride/tuition covered at any Texas college (which is where I'm going for 2 years and then to finish up in California). Oh well...... I excel and do very well in English so my essays to every scholarship I apply to should be "top". There's also a couple I get to make a video for!! :D I love film and I'm even taking Media this year to get to work with it more. Good thing I finished up Computer Applications last year. Now I have 1yr and a half of Computer Apps done and now Media to do!! Then in college I can work on Visual Communication and Journalism. Sorry for the long boring journal post. If you read this far, congrats, you get a cookie. Thanks for reading! :)