So I'm sitting here watching the Swedish women's soccer team when I should be packing (last minute road trip to Ohio to get some stuff that our family got after my grandmother passed that other family members have been holding onto) and I can't wait for beach volleyball unless this rule makes things boring.

On a positive note I managed to get girlfriend in April before the exodus of cute college girls in May. Between her, work, working out, drinking, and Call of Duty have made my Summer eventful.
Did I mention that despite her dad being a 27 year veteran (NCO) of the Army, her likes me (cadet/future officer) enough that her parents invited me to go with her to their condo in Panama City Beach for free this Summer...twice. My now divorced oldest brother once told me "Happy wife, happy life." Don't know how well that worked out for him, but there is certainly a corollary to that law for girlfriends and their parents.