Artistic Whore

3 years ago

"Oh my God! akaRoger is still alive!"

"I know, right! That guy like hardly ever does anything on here anymore."

"I'm pretty sure he just doesn't have any life at all."

You're right, I don't really have a life outside of work, in fact it sorta seems like anything and everything I do these days has to do with making money. With that said, I would like to announce that I'm taking commissions now! That's right folks, now you too can get your very own akaRoger doodle! Whether you want a quick comic or a profile pic just let me know. For some examples check out my gallery right here. Prices are negotiable.

On a related note, I'm trying to get my photography business in the air. I'm just getting started right now, but go and like my page here and get updates on what I'm doing with that, or to check out more of my work go here to my DeviantArt.

I leave you with this.

Comments (2)

  • vergil693


    3 years ago

    interesting teacher/squid/ pedophile you got there roger, don't know if you remember me but i am apart of your VAG group. I fell out of the loop for almost a year cuz i was starting school again. but i'm back. thought i'd leave a greeting/ compliment comment all in one.

    • akaRoger


      3 years ago

      Thanks man. Ya, I remember you, you had the elf girl type character with the nose right?