So, I've listened to IB Podcasts 37-43... and some people in the chats and stuff said it was too little, I needed to listen to them all... (BlueFace). So I've been listening to them since 10am -1am yesterday and today.. and then 10am- 7pm today.... I am on number 26. Yes, I have skimmed through some that only had maybe three or four people on it, but I didnt want to be bored. I now understand a lot of the earlier jokes too, since none of you bastards would even tell me what they meant. "Oh, no. You have to listen to the podcast!" -_- . Now you guys can quit trolling me about it... fuck heads.... just kidding, I love you. But ya.... so because I've been listening to them for so long, I keep hearing their voices..... Yesterday, my dad spilled water on the carpet and yelled "FUCK!" and I swear I heard Michael's voice 0_o . Sometimes I hear them all laughing in my head too.... oh well, just a little side effect. Thanks for reading :)