For all who know, or cared, or forgot about me because of my vanishment...I just wanted to apolgise deeply and I mean it. I've been super busy with work, going to the movies, school sign ups, vacation and uber grind of video games. Sounds like excuses, well, probably are. smiley8.gif My lack of trouble comes from me never opening my laptop anymore. I do have an iphone n all but this site runs poorly on it and thats why i cant do much even on that. =/

I will make a comeback, I swear. I'll start off slowly building up everyone back for a third time starting after this journal. If your still there who, wondering where I am...well, here I be. Send some love or comments knowing that your still here? smiley12.gif Anyways, I thought I would also show 3 new videos I just did just to liven my journal up a wee bit. Enjoy...Also im glad im making an attempt of a comeback. I missed you all. smiley12.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley12.gif

First video
Second Video
Third Video