For some reason my favourite characters in RvB are the characters that don't do anything, or serve little purpose. Such as the Blue ODST soldier. I basically went crazy when he was struck by the Insurrectionist leader, but then I noticed he was hit in the shoulder and calmed down. Also, cant wait for some Tex badass-ery next episode, which (surprise, surprise) is episode 10. As much as I like it when Tex kicks ass, the whole 'episode 10' thing is becoming too repetitive. Not that I'm complaining, you can't go wrong with a psychopath A.I enclosed inside of a robotic body, and the rivalry between Tex and Carolina is continuing to develop. Hopefully it will result in a showdown between the two, which I'm sure Tex will win. It was great for Wyoming to have some decent dialogue at last, and I hope we get to see more of him this season (not too keen on the mustache though). Although the Freelancer backstory is entertaining and adds so much to the plot, I can't wait for next season when things will go back to normal. I hope that there's still going to be animation with the Reds and Blues. I feel Lopez would kick ass animated, and speaking of long lost characters HURRY UP AND BRING DONUT BACK. Sister wasn't as great as Donut, so she can stay dead for all I care.