So, Episode 10 confirmed what the majority of us had already guessed. The Insurrection leader took C.T.'s armour, and it was him who was the antagonist in Recreation. The episode was very interesting. Mainly because of hearing C.T.'s views on the Freelancer program, and her accurate prediction that when the war is over, the Freelancers would pay for his actions. Also, because her eventual death marked the first time Red vs Blue made me feel sad emotionally. Sure, I guess the end of Seasons 8 and 9 were sort of sad, but we've seen the whole Tex/Church thing so many times now that the scenatio bored me slightly. The death of C.T., however, was on a different scale. We saw a character, who is classed as a 'bad guy' watch his lover die, and I have to say the decision to remove their helmets made it all the more saddening. The music at the end sealed it for me, and the final scene when the leader puts on her helmet was very chilling. On the downside (and this is a very minor complaint), there was no Reds and Blues in this episode, and the lack of screen time given to the present day goings-on is frustrating me. Nonetheless, the animation is improving greatly with every episode, and I was relieved to see the Blue Soldier is still alive. If he'd just spoken it would have been much better. Also, I was sure when the Blue guy threw the tomohawk Wash was gonna say "That was the worst throw ever...of all time" but I guess not. Anyway, great episode, I almost felt like crying at the end (almost!) and I'm interested to see how the story develops, in both timelines.