Darksiders II is an action adventure role-playing video game developed by Vigil Games and published by THQ. It is a sequel to the 2010 Darksiders.

The story is set during the Horseman Cometh aka WAR`s 100 year imprisonment. The Chared Council inform the other three Horseman of the Apocalypes, of his fate. However in the first game we learn that the Horseman is innocent of his charges of bringing on the Apocalypes to Earth earlier then scheduled. Death the second of the Horseman knows and believes that WAR is innocent and sets out to find proof of his brothes innocence.

Death defies the councils orders to not go looking to free WAR from imprisonment and goes to the Nether Realm a place between Heaven and Hell to summon powerful beings to help Death proove WAR`s innocence.

The gameplay is pretty much the same as the previous games mechanics, a hack in slash action adventure game however unlike the previous installment the player takes control of two types of weaponry. A pair of Sythes and secondary weapons such as hammers, claws and guns (which was aquired from the Horseman Strife).

The player takes control of Death who is the second of the four Horseman of the Apocolypes. The player is given access to his steed which the player can only use in large open areas to get to other destinations much faster.

The player must also solve puzzles in order to complete quests.

In my opinion the game brought a new style of enjoyment and entertainment for me, being a gamer who has only began to play the series now, has given me a new form of enjoyment to a Role Playing Game. Being a fan of many RPG`s this game brings a whole new sense of excitment and fun to a completely different level. Players will find themselves emerced in a world of thrilling excitment and suspense that will leave players wanting more and more from both probably one of the best storylines ive ever played through and gameplay that will leave hack and slash gamers speechless.