Some may remember, about 4 years ago I worked for a car dealership in the service department.
Well, that's exactly what I'm doing right now. But Better! They're already asking me to advance to Service Advisor for the shop, and learn administration!
Only weird part of this job, my boss quit on my third day. Awkward. But got a new boss! But he's my Dad's Doppelganger. More Awkward.
Good news is this job pays really well, which I'll need since I'm gonna be moving again :/
Not far, but the house I'm in now will be under new management by the end of the year which will probably wreak havoc on the rent (since this house is WAY out of code and needs renovating).
But my best friend is moving back into town, so we're getting new digs together. smiley0.gif
Also, my girlfriend's family has invited me to join them on Florida vacation in December! You'll find me in Orlando the week before Christmas.

Is all I got for now. Take it easy, dudes. I know you will.


P.S. I hate having to rebuild my desktop every 3 months. Anyone have spare PC parts?