@rupertjeff needs your help. You see, I'm planning to charge him WAY WAY WAY more for my recording and production services for his CD than we had discussed. This is a little something I like to call "screwing a great guy just because."

So anyway, since I'm such a douchebag, @rupertjeff is going to need more $$, and at the very least he will need to get the full amount on his kickstarter thingy. As a card-carrying douchebag (yes, we issue cards, and they have Mitt Romney's photo on them), I don't even have the link to his kickstarter thingy, and I'm way too lazy to go get it. But if you go to his page, I'm sure he is panhandling like crazy right now.

Also: I miss you, but I'm working 24/7 to deliver the goods to you. I know you want singles, but the season is wrapping up production right now (you see, the dvd has to go out long before you see all the episodes). So, once that happens, I will get some of that music that you asked for out as singles, and then finish the soundtrack CD as fast as I can before starting work with Mr. Jeff Rupert.