Alright, well news has been long and far between with me. Work has loaded me up with 48 hours a week in a 6 day span and barely have enough time for myself or my girlfriend. Even my Xbox is getting a little dusty which makes me question myself as a Gamer, but life continues. Assisted in the Production of the Harvest 2, which completes the Saga and damn, I loved every minute of it, weather I was a Convenant Elite shooting stuff, or the voice of Hawkburn, the Sniper.

As well, been working on a Role Playing site called "Keeper's Universe" and so far, I have enough ships to fuck the universe over 3 times and I wonder if I should do it just for fun. While the rest of the site wouldn't like it, a war is needed.

Girlfriend and I have soon to be going out for over a year and a half, so I'm excited, but have no idea what we can do. Any Ideas anyone?

Being a lifeguard is great cause you can kick out kids into the friggen hot heat when they do something bad, and so far, working 2 weeks, I've banned 4 kids, kicked out 6 for 2 weeks, and 1 for the day. Definatly going to win that Boot of the Summer Award This year!

But yah, hope all is doing well. Go Watch the Harvest 1 and 2, Go watch JesKid TV cause it fucking rules, and Get Outside and see the sun. Cheers! Have fun!


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