As I am at work today with little to do, it seems like the perfect opportunity to answer the questions asked of me in my prior journal.

Crazyboy asks: How long until you move to the US and make a food chain that specializes in poutine? You'd be rich.

Well, knowing Americans, and considering what poutine looks like, they'd be too scared and never try it, so I'd go broke.

On a less joking note, how long have you been a security guard? And what was your craziest moment on the job?

Since January of 2010. It's a pretty good job for my current situation because, even though it doesn't pay much, hours are flexible and I can do schoolwork during the shift.

Craziest moment? Hoo boy. Uhh, probably when some guy forgot his picture badge and I had to issue him a temp one. Man, that one still shakes me up.

Jengaship asks: If you wanted to live anywhere other than Ottowa, where would you live and why?

Well, first of all, "Ottawa". Come on now. Second, probably Toronto as it's a very nice city with lots of people I know living in it or close to it. Why not an American city? Well don't get me wrong, I love visiting the US and most places I've been while there have been great, but I can't see myself living there. There are many reasons, but that's another journal. Perhaps I will go into it at some point. Short answer is cost of education/medical and political policies.

Juls asks: Why you no make a journal about your trip to NC? Hmmmmm?

I was going to but never got around to it! I will merge it with a special journal for you tomorrow ;)

Newbs the Vanilla Bear asks: Looking back on life so far, can you narrow down one moment where if things went differently in a situation, your entire life would be different from where you are now?

Reminds me of the Dr. Who episode "Turn Left". And yes, I certainly could. If I never went to PAX East two years ago, I would never have met a lot of the fine folks of this site, and subsequently would not have joined, and then would not have met so many more of you, and subsequently become friends, and for one of you, much more than that smiley12.gif . So yes, that was pretty huge.

Lamchopz askz (see what I did there): If you could spend a month somewhere besides North America, working and living there, where would you go?

Probably Australia, as I know lots of people from there thanks to this site, and it consistently ranks highest (along with Canada) for best quality of life in its major cities in ranking lists I see, so they must be doing something right. Plus they're part of the commonwealth, so I'd feel right at home! ;)

Solaquinn, Medicine Woman asks: If you had the money, would you make a trip to Aus or NZ?

As evident by my previous answer, most certainly. I would love to come down for RTOZ and also visit NZ, and the only real issue currently is the cost.

Bonus question: Do you love me Steven? Do you?

A thousand times yes.

Smokernarb asks: If you could be any Pokemon which Pokemon would you be and why?

I would be Snorlax, because he fucking owns.

Kiyoshizzle asks: What drives you? What burns in your heart and makes you get out of bed in the morning and go about your day accomplishing accomplishments?

Deep question, I like. I am in a great place in my life. I still live at home and I have a job, so my finances are of no worry to me. I am in school again, taking courses which will lead to a career I am genuinely interested in doing (computer related). I have many friends, both online and in real life (many of which overlap, obviously), and I have the most incredible girlfriend in the world. All of that drives me. Slowly but surely progressing my life in the direction I want.

John bon Rocketwhore asks:
What is your name?
What is your quest?
What is your favorite color?
What is the capital of Assyria?
What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

-To achieve enlightenment
-Blue I guess?
-There can't be a capital to a place that no longer exists

DAGRONSnHALOZ asks: If you could be a dragon, what would you look like, what would you do, would you fight for good, or evil. And what powers would you have?

It would look like the one from the How to Train Your Pet Dragon movie because it's fucking adorable. I would of course fight for good because I'm not a monster. I would have the power to shoot rainbows on people who were feeling down.

Well, that's all of them. If anyone has anymore questions, feel free to ask.