So on Monday, Muse will release their latest CD "The 2nd Law" in North America. As it's already out in the UK, it's naturally now on youtube in full. Having pre-ordered on iTunes already, I don't feel too bad about listening to it. And it's great. I've gone through it in full around 3 times now. It's a significant departure from much of their older stuff but that's totally fine. They would get too stale if they pumped out the same shit every album like most bands. Plus, Matt Bellamy is a fucking god.

Here it is

If you like what you hear, I encourage you to purchase it. These guys deserve every cent. The first track, Supremacy, is even getting support to be the next Bond theme (even though Adele already has rights to Skyfall, unfortunately) and you can definitely see why.

Enjoy, and if you like what you hear, I also encourage you to check out their earlier work.

Edit: It appears it's been taken down :( But don't fret! You should still be able to find individual songs on youtube.