Right now I am playing borderlands 2, and I have recently noticed that using a different type of gun and gun manufacture is all in personal preference, I personally like to use Maliwan smgs, any type of sniper rifle that has at least a 1.0 fire rate, that is the same with shotguns and pistols. But now looking back at playing the first Borderlands and comparing my style of gun play i do, it does it differs slightly. Like in the first game I rarely used elemental weapon except the explosive weapons, and i think that is because Borderlands 2 using elemental weapons is a must. I didn't care of the maker of the smg in the first one, but now i am always looking for a fire smg made by maliwan
Right now my setup is I play as a Siern I use a fire smg by maliwan as my main damage dealer, a fire sniper, a non elemental shot gun and either a corrosive pistol or assult rifle for those armored enemy's. but i recently found a slag e-tech tedior smg and a bandit fire rockets, now i usually have up as fire smg and down or the next weapon a fire sniper so i replaced them, and it took a while to get used to it but i tried to go back to the other set up but i started to not like it. I never liked the bandit weapons or the tedior weapons because i prefer a more accurate shot and not wasting ammo by reloading by mistake. the main thing i am trying to say is that humans are creatures of habbit and in a video game or not once you try something different for a while you will star to get used to it.