Haven't been around much. Last time i remember signing in was 2-3 weeks ago. I'm back now and the long length of time has left me with a lot of things to talk about.


Apparently my xbox decided to red ring of death me a few days ago while playing that level repair on Halo wars. You know, the one where the covenant spasms you with units until you eventually (and most of the time, always) die. Practically, it was a normal day. But then my xbox decided to go all white lines on me. Confuddled (which also means confused), i attempted again to use the xbox. and then the unimaginable happened. Upon seeing a green lit screen, i turned to my xbox. Full Red Ring of Death had ensued on my console. I cried, the first time in hours. :(


Ironically, this is good. Not only do I now have free time from endless macro strategies I think of, but now I can use my brain to make those lovely sketches people seem to like apparently (I didn't even choose art in school!). Just stop messaging me damnit! I'll make you the damn sketches.


I'll start work on the sketches now. You happy internet? God damnit.