Resident Evil 6 is an Action / Horror 3rd person game developed and published by Capcom.b This game is the sequel to Resident Evil 5 but next in line to the previous Resident Evil Racoon City.

The story of the game can be taken from the perspective of Chris Redfield, former member of the BSAA, Leon S.Kennedy an ex Raccoon City survivor , Jake Muller son of Albert Wesker and Ada Wong an agent framed by the attacks of Neo-Umbrella. As the main threat is the C-Virus each character must face the fatal horror of whats to come through-out the storyline.

The gameplay of Resident Evil 6 gives players the option to complete 3 connected campaign/story modes that have their own unique design and gameplay. In each campaign the player will always have a partner to help them through the game. While playing online players can have other players join them in progress to take the position of the partner.

The game has its own horde mode / firefight mode called Mercenaries mode in which players can face hordes and waves of enemies. Agent Hunt mode allows players to take control of random enemies in other peoples online games.

The games weapon system works very similar to previous Resident Evil games in which the player can cycle through an arsenal of weapons that are the very basic weapons that appear in a typical zombie horror survival game. The players health system works the same as previous Resident Evil games in which the player must aquire herbs and tablets in order to regain health and strength through-out the game.

Players will enjoy with whats to come with the future of Resident Evil games with this latest installment sealing all doubts about Resident Evil sequels. The game was very enjoyable and gave great entertainment for a zombie horror game. From playing previous zombie horror games this has definitely gone down as one of the great Zombie apocolypes games.