Alright, so I study game design. On a Roosterteeth video I saw an advertisement for pre-ordering Halo 4 offering a camouflage skin for pre-ordering. One of the basic axioms of balanced game-design is that you do NOT sell power. Offering an advantage to players that others cannot acquire is a very foolish move. It denigrates the players who did not purchase the item (or pre-order in this case) and will inevitably leave feelings of animosity between anybody but the most ardent fans and 343. I would have thought 343, a branch of Bungie, would be smart enough to not make this embarrassingly obvious mistake. (Bungie after all being the masters of multiplayer...)
I don't know all the details, so if you can in fact unlock this armor at a later date, then I'm talking out my ass. But if not, I stand by this rant.