I've been thinking this for awhile, but the latest episode of Red Vs. Blue has lead me to finally say something about it... Does anybody else feel like the Freelancers and more specifically their combat sequences would be exponentially better if they weren't trying to be "funny". The constant switching between "humor", action, inter-character relationships, and the machinations of the more devious characters just doesn't seem to work when the happen so quickly and frequently. Yes I understand that Red Vs. Blue is supposed to be primarily a comedy series, but is that really true anymore? I feel like if the writing committed to either being thrilling or funny it would work much better, especially on a week to week model.

Alternatively (not that anybody cares) I believe a better business model would be to release Red Vs. Blue (the comedy) and Red Vs.Blue: Project Freelancer running parallel. Not that they can do that anymore due to the narrative position they're already in, but wouldn't it have made sense to have the comedy happening in the memory unit, and the action happening in the past be released separately giving more time to both to fully flesh themselves out? (Again this is hypothetical because they had a much smaller staff that was already busting their asses during season 9).

I don't know, I guess to me it seems like some sort of commitment needs to be made to either action and story or comedy and story. It worked well in seasons two - six, eight, and well enough in season 9 (I exclude season one because that was almost entirely comedy, and I didn't like season seven as much as the others), but trying to interpolate comedy into the action scenes with the "wacky exchanges between incompetent enemies" seems far to forced and is unfortunately just not funny. Before anybody mentions it I realizes that the original premise was a bunch of idiots yelling at each other in a canyon, but your fooling yourselves if you think Red Vs. Blue hasn't grown into something more than that.

I myself am a writer, more over a writer of Socratic dialogue and large sweeping stories with a variety of characters much like what Red Vs. Blue wants to be. Granted I'm writing primarily for story with comedy being quite ancillary, but I understand the principles of what is necessary to make it work. In addition I know the structure my screen-writing is inherently different than that of a web series, but again the principle applies. Juxtaposing tones are not effective when applied so close to one another (or even at the same time).

(By the way, I recognize the irony in mentioning that the Freelancers aren't funny when most of the people who voice them are comedians.) Anyway, just my thoughts. This doesn't keep me from watching every Monday, nor does it prevent me from watching the older stuff again. Just an observation I've made. Love pretty much everything that Rooster Teeth puts out, and hope they continue to do it for many, many more years.