All right ladies and gents, lets talk about me. Why? Well I happen to think I'm kind of a big deal. Currently I'm pretty much the only person who thinks so, but! One day most people will and in pre-emption of this I'm going to do a FAQ. Since no one is asking me any questions, I will think of some to answer which will hopefully be of interest. Should actual ones be asked later I will of course update.

1. Ethnicity? I am born of an American Mother and a British Father so I have passports to both countries. Pretty cool no? To break it down further my American side is 50% Norwegian and 50% German. The British side is 50% Birmingham and 50% Scottish.

2. Favourite Sports Team?
* Chicago Blackhawks
* Minnesota Vikings

* Manchester Storm
* HTC Highroad (Rest In Peace oh epic win train of win)

3. Married? Yes - but I'm not adverse to having many, many mistresses!

4. Are you in a band? No! I am in in many:
* Alexander Beetle
* And I looked And Beheld A Pale Horse...
* Give Me A Squadron Of Spitfires
* My Best Pal The DJ
* TrucksOvertakingTrucks

5. What's your favourite Band/Song/Album
* Band - A
* Song - Karma by Breed 77
* Album - I am of the iPod generation... 'Shuffle' ruined albums for us. Some notable exceptions though would be Underoaths 'They're Only Chasing Safety', Spineshanks 'The Height Of Callousness', Test Switch Isolators 'Lets Dance', 36 Crazyfists 'Rest Inside The Flames', Bit Shifters 'The Information Chase' and The Streets 'Original Pirate Material'... as well as every album ever by A.

6. Celebrity Crush?
* Alyson Hannigan
* Lisa Marx
* Morena Baccarin
* Emilia Fox
* Conchita Wurst

7. Favourite food?

8. Have you ever appeared naked on the internet? No.

9. Favourite non Halo game?
* Portal
* Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun
* Mirrors Edge

10. Favourite professional Wrestling star?

11. Favourite Internet Meme?
* Rustled Jimmies
* 60s Spider-Man
* Insanity Wolf.

12. What is to Grifball? This Cat Has Reached Critical Mass are the worst team to ever play in the European and American Grifball Leagues (like record holding bad) and I am the proud Founder/Captain! #RIP

13. Who else is awesome on the RT website?
* My best good internet buddy Maru
* My best good IRL buddy RtHonWolzee
* My favourite Twitter spammer Aeshir!

14. Didn't I see you in that one RT video?
* Fails of the Weak 26
* Horse 65
* Horse 66
* Horse Behind The Scenes
* Fails of the Weak 122

15. Are you involved in any internet campaigns I should also be involved in?
TCFHTGHT - The Campaign For Hoorah To Get Hoorah's Twitter