ignore my last just.... Hi. smiley0.gif

Hello to the AH/RT community! It's been a long time. I haven't signed into AH for a long time. I don't really know why. I think part of it was the change of the new layout, it was hard to follow for me, couldn't keep up and messed a lot of entries.

I also stopped gaming for a long time. Once I hit 100K gamerscore I just slowed down. Just played here and there. Now I've been playing more and more, getting back into achievements, just not a crazy as I was before 100K. I never did get front page when I hit it smiley2.gif but it was kinda my fault, I'm not a social person. I want to meet the AH crew and talk/game with them. but I don't talk, I can never keep up a conversation, I always think people don't think I'm interesting. I need to work on it.

I also blame my internet service, it's lame. I live in an Indian reserve north of Manitoba. The ISP is a local service(not really, it's way more down south) and it was great at first but not it's just lame the more and more people get the service. The more people got hooked up to the ISP the slow the speed got. They don't know how to run things there. I rage about it a lot.

I thought about moving but I have some personal problems that stop me from doing it. Once it's gone. I'm out of here to a better internet service! lol

So I'll try to work on my social skills and try to talk with some of you. I'm not sure is still watching me or even cares. But it is good to be back. I'll be more active not that I have AH.com as my home page smiley8.gif