So, NBA commish David Stern announced he is retiring, and will be done after the 2013 season.


I hear retirement can be a bit lonely, so why don't you check to see if you can get Bud Selig to tag along with you David?

Jabs aside, Stern was once the greatest commissioner in pro sports. He modernized an ailing NBA in the 80's (Yes, thanks in part to Magic, Bird and MJ), but as a kid, I remember how strong the pop culture and global reach of the NBA really was.

Now, he's taken the Al Davis route, and become a self centered, egomaniacal jackass, and it's become detrimental to the league. I think after that NBA lock out, fans had enough, and he could see the writing on the walls this last season with a league-wide ratings decline.

We'll always have the NY Knicks frozen lotto card conspiracy, won't we?