So much has's rather astonishing how much it has. All around me people have changed completely. I started this site when I was about 13 years old. I was a child then. Now, I am 19 nearly 20, in college, going for Computer Science and possibly a math major. Finished with clans on XBL for the most part, and moved on. Most of my time spent is on Skype, Second Life, and school. I am employed now and actually can buy things. XD Still part of the furry fandom too. ^.=.^

Anyways, I hope for those that still read these, I hope you are having decent lives and enjoying yourselves. Many memories I have started here, on this very site and sprouted elsewhere. I am thankful to have met the people I know, despite the differences we had at times. They helped shape me to who I am now, and I regret nothing.

This is likely the last journal I'll ever post on this site. So, for those that still wish to contact me/watch me, I will give you all my contact info if you wish to keep in touch with me still. Just tell me who you are so I know. I will be checking this for the next 2 months. After that, I likely won't be back on except for a very rare, occasional checkup.

Skype: xavier_the_fox

Telegram: @DragonInABox

Second Life: XavierHusky Resident

Standard email(s):

Xbox Live Gamertag: Seraphis Dragon

Fur Affinity: XavierB

I am on all of these, mainly Skype, Second Life, emails, and Xbox Live. Do not hesitate to add me/get a hold of me. I am always available to talk to (usually) and will accept all requests from you guys. I miss some of you and wish to still talk.