I had really hoped to have the CD done during October, that was my dream. Last year it was released in December, so Oct would have been SOOO SWEEET. Alas, those non-stop never-sleep can't-stop-creating badass bastards at RT needed something different. Halo 4/Gamestop Voting music (which is longer than what you heard!), The Gauntlet and RWBY all showed up here, looking awesome and needing music.

"That's great Jeff, where's the goddamn CD you lazy bitch?"

I have some stuff to finish still. There are 30 tracks on the CD. 30 is a lot! You know, I am really appreciative of you all and I want the music to be as perfect as I can make it for you. Gimme a couple of weeks.

You are always so kind to me and your messages power the music!! Thank you.